Do you like to massage your partner or friends but lack the confidence to be creative? Does your partner always want you to rub their shoulders, but it’s too much like hard work?

These sessions are for anyone who would like to learn some basic massage techniques to share with their partner or friends.

You tell me what you would like to focus on (e.g. back and shoulders) and how you would like to do it (i.e. seated or lying, with oil or through clothing) and  I will teach you basic techniques and help you to best use your body weight and posture. We will practice first on one, then the other person, so you get to learn how it feels both to receive and to give. We can adapt techniques from the various therapies I offer to suit the situation.

  • Designed for you, come and learn how to massage shoulders, head & neck, back, legs, arms, or feet and hands.
  • Learn simple and effective techniques that your partner and friends will love you for and that don’t hurt you to do.
  • Learn how to adapt to your environment; whether on a couch, with your partner seated on a chair or with them seated or lying on the floor.
  • These sessions are for two people and are two hours long, and focus on one or two areas of your choice.
  • Have a series of sessions to build up your confidence and skills.
  • The cost of the session is the same as for a two hour massage.
  • Come wearing comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit of oil on.
  • These are non-certificated sessions.

To book, first call to discuss your needs then book in for a two hour slot.