As someone with complex chronic pain, Saskia's approach is extremely effective at bringing relief and relaxation. Always attentive to my various needs such as pressure, technique and temperature, Saskia is among the very best massage therapists I have known. I can't recommend her highly enough! - Ellie
Best massage I’ve ever had . . . I have old injuries and work related issues and the treatment helped me with that, as well as being totally relaxing - Tina
Saskia has given me massage therapy many times and more recently Craniosacral Therapy. I think she is an outstanding practitioner. In my opinion she offers more than technical expertise, bringing something unusually intuitive to her treatments. I have always found the experience of a session with her to be profoundly relaxing and moving. I can’t recommend her highly enough. - HW, Musician
Saskia gave me a massage around six weeks after I’d had an emergency caesarian section. I had a bad back and was tired and aching beforehand but afterwards felt stretched, relieved and relaxed. A turning point in getting my body back to normal! - Anna. University Lecturer
I have received massages from Saskia over many years, and presented with a variety of aches and pains. Saskia always provides the very highest level of massage. Saskia is present, attentive, and intuitive, and is able to provide really deep tissue massage when required, and much lighter work also, depending on need and preference. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues over the years, and I whole-heartedly recommend her to you. A Saskia massage is worth every penny and is a lovely journey to go on. - Richard
I have been having massages with Saskia for over six months, at first because of lower back & hip pain, now I have a monthly massage as a treat to myself. Saskia has a unique style with an excellent approach I am made feel comfortable with her empathic & Professional approach, listening to my needs while creating a warm & relaxing atmosphere I would highly recommend Saskia's treatments - Carol
Saskia is  a warm, welcoming craniosacral therapist, who works from a place of deep respect for her clients. She offered me a safe space to explore the challenges I was experiencing and gave both clarity and empathy in response to my need. I would thoroughly recommend her. - Michael Fairclough Psychotherapist
I first had a session with Saskia about 15 years ago and I always feel great after a massage with her - both relaxed and alert and like I've had a good night's sleep.  She is very intuitive and has a natural talent for removing muscle stiffness and knots.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. - M, TV Editor
Saskia was recommended to me by another therapist and I'm so very grateful. I've had many sessions with her and she always manages to release the knots & tension in my body whilst also a providing a beautifully relaxing & calming experience. As well as being incredibly talented at massage she is also a very caring & thoughtful person and I always leave each session feeling better emotionally as well as physically. - Nicky
Saskia has been my therapist since 2010. I have had treatments all over the world, but I genuinely believe that nothing beats one of Saskia’s full body massages. I have always been impressed by her professionalism and skill; Saskia’s knowledge of the human body is very reassuring, especially to a doctor!! Her flexibility and friendliness have ensured my loyalty over the years and even with my hectic schedules, she always manages to fit me in, which I have very much appreciated.  Saskia always creates comfortable and calming treatment environments and I always feel lighter and very relaxed after a massage. I cannot recommend Saskia more highly, your aching body will be very grateful after one of her treatments! – Ana, GP