Holistic-massage-1-780pxThrough a combination of techniques massage can release muscular tension, improve circulation (blood and lymph) and nerve function, and help improve joint mobility. Working at this physical level, alongside a listening and nurturing touch, to meet you at an emotional level and help bring balance to your body and mind.

These sessions aim to attend to the cause of a particular issue rather than simply focusing in on a particular symptom.

How I work

In these sessions I draw on techniques from many traditions, combining them with natural sensitivity to meet the needs of you as an individual. I prefer to work with time enough to include the whole body, often focusing in on a key area and re-integrating it back into the body.

These are explorative sessions, sometimes experimental, using a combination of smooth strokes, firm pressure, rhythm, stretching and mobility, achieving a thorough workout of a specific area or the whole body to release knots of muscular tension, soothe tired muscles and mind and to nourish your skin.

These sessions adapt to your needs at the time, so they may be using a deep tissue massage approach, or perhaps a more gentle therapeutic touch, and are more often a combination of these and the many levels between.

This is predominantly an oil-based massage on a raised couch.

Photographs by Begoña