Holistic-massage-3-780pxDeep tissue techniques work with the connective tissue and fascia that surround and attach all structures within the body (muscles, bones, organs, nerves, vessels). When healthy, this system can stretch and adapt as the body moves. When trauma, injury, repetitive motion or more severe pathology occurs, the connective tissue can become compromised which may result in thickening, fibrosity, adhesions and other structural change. In addition, the functon of adjoining tissues, organ, nerve, or vessel can be altered. Deep tissue techniques are used to help alleviate such symptoms

In a session where I incorporate deep tissue techniques, I will be using my hands, fingertips, knuckles, elbows and even feet, stimulating muscles and body tissues beyond the exterior level. Deep tissue techniques are applied slowly whilst I listen and wait for the softening and release of your tissues. Following deep work take it easy for a day or two,  you may feel aches in the area worked or other areas of your body as it adapts to the release.

I will often use deep tissue techniques within sessions, specifically where you are presenting with a particular issue or pain. I use them as part of a holistic session, incorporating a variety of other, gentler techniques, to give you a chance to absorb and integrate the work.

Prices will be the same as for a Holistic Massage session