Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive clothed treatment involving light touch to promote healing and support your own inner awareness. The treatment recognises that health is inherent in the body and through this gentle touch and a listening approach it can be a subtle and profound healing form. The work assists the body in doing what it needs to do in its ongoing search for balance, working from the inside, without imposing from the outside.

The practitioner listens in to a natural unconscious rhythm that manifests throughout the body, like the heart beat or breathing but much subtler.  This comes from the centre of our system and is conveyed by the intrinsic ebb and flow of the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), which coat the brain and spinal cord. The bones, tissues and fluids of the body move to accommodate this movement. In the Craniosacral field this is called the Breath of Life and can be felt as a tide like motion throughout the body. These natural rhythms can indicate particular areas of held trauma and holding, and with this listening approach, can provide a focal point or lever from which the body’s own healing can spring.

At a deep level, craniosacral therapy can release personal history (emotional, physical, spiritual) that are held in our tissues. These areas of tension, holding, trauma, are held in place by the body’s potency, innate life force.  As these areas unravel and release, this potency is then freed up to the rest of the system to increase our level of wellbeing.

What to expect in a treatment

Generally you will  lie (or sometimes sit) fully-clothed on a treatment couch. It is helpful to come wearing loose, comfortable clothing. I will make contact by placing my hands lightly on different parts of your body and listening in.

During a session you may feel relaxation and temperature changes as well as other sensations  within your body as it lets go of held patterning and trauma. Sometimes you will enter into a deep meditative state. These experiences generally last throughout the session and beyond. It is impossible to predict what may arise, your system dictates this, but it is helpful if you come with an intention of what you would like the focus to be.

Key to these treatments is the relationship between client and practitioner, this deepens with time, so to get the most out of these treatments it is ideal to commit yourself to a series of sessions.

Fundamental to the success of these treatments is allowing held areas to release slowly and safely, as your system is ready, contrary to the more cathartic approaches. In this way the results are more likely to last and you are less likely to re-traumatise your system.

It is ideal to have plenty of free time to relax and absorb following your sessions.

Focus of these sessions

People come for craniosacral treatments for all sorts of reasons, whether it be a specific physical or emotional issue, generally to assist their feeling of wellbeing, or even out of simple curiosity.

The benefits may not be  immediately noticeable but often manifest over a period of time.

I offer a safe, held space, for us to explore what may arise for you through these treatments.

Series of Sessions

Craniosacral Therapy really benefits from a series of sessions, therefore I offer  a treatment bundle of 6 sessions, including the 75 min consultation if the series includes your first session. The conditions of making use of this bundle is that you must pay in advance and the 6 sessions must be taken within 3 months. Price and booking can be done here: GIFT VOUCHERS & Treatment Bundle Offers.